Ultrasonic Technology in the 21st Century

Text Box: OPUS Test Instrument

The only commercially available out-of-plane ultrasonic system offers alternatives to destructive strength test methods.  Slide your test sheet between the transducers and in less than 10 seconds see your results.  NO sample prep necessary!

Product Summary

OPUS is an out-of-plane ultrasonic system for the measurement of paper and like materials using a dry contact technique.  The instrument measures soft platen thickness and determines Specific Stiffness and Young’s modulus in the "through" direction (referred to as Z-directional or ZD) of the material under test. This information is valuable especially for paper board manufacturers and is useful in packaging and other board performance applications.

OPUS  uses a touch screen interface 

Please contact Bill Sandidge at info@sonisys.com or 404-352-9421 for details.

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