Ultrasonic Technology in the 21st Century

OPUS 3-D Test Instrument

        Product Summary

The 3-D data has historically been available only for use in a select few research and development environments.   OPUS 3-D makes this technology now available to everyone.  With emphasis on measurement quality, accuracy, and versatility, using in-plane and out-of-plane ultrasonic sensors together, you can measure Specific Stiffness and Young’s modulus in three dimensions:  MD, CD, and ZD.  Polar diagrams (shown below) and Stiffness Orientation information is also provided by OPUS 3-D.



Shown above on the left is the in-plane instrument configuration.  Material relationships (longitudinal and shear elastic stiffness) are measured ultrasonically along the surface of the sheet in the Machine and Cross-Machine directions (MD and CD respectively). These measurements together with the ZD provide a three-dimensional view of a paper sample and yield 6 of the 9 important engineering constants such as the Young's moduli, Shear moduli, and Poisson's ratios.

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