Ultrasonic Technology in the 21st Century

SoniSys’ commercially available test instruments are shown below.  These instruments are non-destructive and require minimal sample preparation.  Place your samples flat on the testing surface and begin.  We also specialize in custom instruments built to order.

OPUS is the first commercially available Out-of-Plane Ultrasonic System.  It measures ZD Longitudinal Specific Stiffness and Soft-Platen Thickness .  Other values such as  ZD Young’s Modulus, Apparent Density and Softness are also included.


Text Box: This is our OPUS 3-D Ultrasonic Test Instrument.  Measurements in the plane and thickness direction of the sample are integrated into a single apparatus along with Soft-Platen thickness.  This one-of-a-kind instrument  can be used for performance prediction as well as R&D and QC.  Whether your testing needs are limited to the stiffness polar angle or require a comprehensive evaluation of stiffness and elastic modulus properties, the emphasis is on providing versatility and the best possible measurements.


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